Joan Lalucat Vehil, Barcelona (1985)

2015 - 2019 Universitat de Barcelona | Fine Arts Degree.

2012 - 2014 Escola d'Art del Treball | Certificate of Higher Education (HNC) in Illustration.


"It seems to us that the speech has already been shifted, that the limit of the oral has been shifted, and maybe it should be discussed a bit further, such as the background noise that we almost all hear."

David Nebreda de Nicolás.

We live in a time when we need to reinterpret our actions, in order to redirect our efforts, and we have become "surpassed" people. Our actions are displaced, and they are of no use, in any case, they harm us. That is why I put my work out of the need to understand and identify these problems, and then reinterpret them. With a strong concern about our relationship systems, I start painting and then open up to other languages, such as photography, video or shareholder. 

With all of them, I can experiment and get into a search that questions the values ​​with which we have grown, and in some way, through viscerality, to remove them so that the viewer gets affected. This slogan of affectation is essential because both me and the viewer do not modify certain parameters and structures that we have already accepted. I understand as tools and supports, not just brushes and canvases, but also my physical and mental limitations. So I can experiment with myself from various processes, putting on the table psychological, physical, intimate or temporal contents, among others. These wear processes cause perceptual displacements and help to configure an emotional map. Subject to pre-established prejudices, I propose questioning these structures to move our values ​​of judgment and use another type of language. Rewrite our values, and raise ourselves up, because we have so many prejudices, so much fear, so much need to hear an explanation, and that it us atrophies our thoughts, which perhaps once wanted to emancipate ourselves from our perfectly structured imaginary.